Who we are

The day-to-day work of the partnership is guided by a small core group of the most active Partners, supported by a Secretariat hosted by IUCN and by a Learning Network Facilitator hosted by Wageningen International.
Carole Saint-Laurent
Cora van Oosten

Coordinator, Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration
Senior Forest Policy Advisor, IUCN
70, Mayfield Avenue
Toronto, ON
M6S 1K6 Canada
Tel: ++ 1 416 763 3437
Email: [email protected]
Project leader & Senior Advisor CD&IC
Wageningen International
Lawickse Allee 11, 6701 AN Wageningen
P.O. Box 88, 6700 AB Wageningen, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 317 481397/486800
Telefax: +31 317 486801
E-mail: [email protected]